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Valter Pajer is one of the few bow manufacturers specializing in longbows, Victorian composite longbows, Victorian composite reflex bows and tent production. He has been practicing magic since 2003 and his bows are sold to the wider world with high preferences and great results in international competitions.


Our bows are mostly in the style of Victorian sports bows focused on performance, functionality and beauty made exclusively from natural materials using exotic but also local woods, horns, mother-of-pearl, leather, bamboo, antlers or semi-precious stones. The bows themselves are to a greater extent custom products, but we also keep the products in stock.


Arrows are also custom made. They are only made of natural materials such as various types of wood, feathers, steel target points, or sharp points.


Ours are therefore custom-made according to period images and historical manuscripts in the most faithful form possible. The tents also contain hand painting, rope parts and a wooden structure.

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